Will Your Bird Ever Talk? We List the Parrots That Can Speak

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Having a parrot that talks can be a pretty cool thing, especially if you live alone and need a lively companion. But not every... Will Your Bird Ever Talk? We List the Parrots That Can Speak

Having a parrot that talks can be a pretty cool thing, especially if you live alone and need a lively companion. But not every parrot breed can actually learn to mimic the spoken language of people. However, when it comes to those that can – you can even encounter the birds that can develop a vocabulary of up to 2,000 words. So, here are the parrots you can teach to speak.


1. Indian Ringneck

This exotic little creature is a very popular pet. You can easily distinguish between males and females because males have a black ring around their neck – hence the name. Not only is this bird extremely clever, it can speak with amazing clarity. Indian Ringnecks can acquire a large vocabulary and they speak in their own voice but they emphasize sentences just like humans.

2. Yellow-Naped Amazon

This parrot breed is a true beauty. Covered in green feathers, it got its name from the yellow feather on its nape (back part of the neck). They are one of the most popular parrot breeds due to their playful personalities and excellent speaking abilities. Yellow-Naped Amazons can mimic human speech like no other breed because it associates sounds with relationships.

3. Blue-fronted Amazon

Another Amazon with great speaking abilities is the Blue-fronted Amazon. This South-American breed is also green but has a small blue mark on its head just above the beak. If you opt for this cute little pet, you will gain a companion for life. Namely, these parrots can live up to 100 years! But these birds are very social, so they require your attention and interaction. And when you’re not there to talk to them, make sure they have toys to play with.


4. Yellow Headed Amazon

This parrot comes from Mexico and it is actually an endangered species. Only captive-bred Yellow Headed Amazons can be kept as pets and they are usually pretty expensive. But they are also very popular as pets because they are some of the smartest birds out there. Not only are they extremely “talkative,” they also love to sing and learn new songs.

5. Budgerigar

This little fellow comes from Australia and is usually covered in yellow, green and black feathers. It is actually the third most common pet in the world, right after dogs and cats and it earned its status due to being inexpensive, small and excellent conversation company. Budgerigar is great at mimicking human speech although it’s not always so defined, and it likes singing as well. If you want your feathery pet to talk, we recommend males because they are easier to train.

6. Electus

Aside for being famous for its talking abilities, Electus parrot is also known for the obvious distinction between males and females. Males usually have green plumage while females have red plumage. These little guys are popular pets exactly for their exotic appearance but they also can be trained to speak. However, their skills highly depend on the age because the earlier you start the bigger the chances are that they will speak. Once they do, they are very good at mimicking the mood of human speech.

7. African Grey

African Grey is by far the most intelligent talking bird and one of the most intelligent animals in general. These majestic grey parrots have cognitive abilities of toddlers which makes them the perfect talking pets. African Grey is a species extremely popular as a pet exactly because of its speaking abilities that no other parrots can come close to. Not only are they able to remember and use an extensive vocabulary, they perfectly mimic the human voice. If you’re looking for a talkative bird companion, you couldn’t do better than this adorable parrot.

8. Monk Parakeet

Coming from Argentina, this small green bird is another lovely parrot you can teach to talk to you. Green in color, Monk Parakeet is known as an intelligent and social animal. It has a great ability to remember large sets of words and phrases and is therefore often kept as a pet. And this little one can be taught to speak much earlier than other birds, which is yet another advantage.