10 Best Pet Birds for Children
Please, mom, can we keep him? If you’re a parent, you must have heard this sentence at least once. Children tend to grow fond of animals in a matter of minutes and they immediatelly fall in love with the idea of having a pet. However, this brings a ton... Read more
7 Foods Never to Give to Your Bird
When you’re eating and you see your pet bird looking at you, you’re probably tempted to share your food. Sharing food can be good for the process of bonding with your bird and a fun thing to do. However, not all human foods are to be shared with birds.... Read more
Will Your Bird Ever Talk? We List the Parrots That Can Speak
Having a parrot that talks can be a pretty cool thing, especially if you live alone and need a lively companion. But not every parrot breed can actually learn to mimic the spoken language of people. However, when it comes to those that can – you can even encounter... Read more
Say it again, Sam

Say it again, Sam

Birds October 21, 2015 0

Today our pet parakeet hurt herself.  In the evening back from work, I found blood all over her cage, apparently from a sore she had pried open with her hooked beak, the strength of which she herself does not know. Well, I know now and do maintain that keeping... Read more
So You Want to Get a Parrot?  5 Things You Should Know
Many people have walked into a pet shop and been awed and delighted at the colorful parrot, usually a macaw, sitting on its perch screeching “hello!” to everyone that passes by.  Some may even go so far as to ask the price of such a magnificent creature, which is... Read more
7 Smart Nutritional Tips to Keep Your Bird Healthy
If you have a pet bird, it is vital to learn what you should feed it in order to maximise its health, but this will vary depending on the type of bird you own. Here are seven of the most important things you should know about bird nutrition. 1.... Read more
Pet Expert Explains Why Parrots Talk And It’s Fascinating
Whether you own one or not, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a parrot chattering happily away using what sound very much like human words. Scientists are still unsure whether this often-remarkable skill is simply hollow mimicry or some indication of advanced cognitive ability (Irene Pepperberg’s decades-long experiments with... Read more
How to Manage a Noisy Cockatiel
People sometimes assume that birds like cockatiels, as fragile creatures, are quiet. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You only need to listen to little wild birds outside your window to realize that even the smallest of birds can create an enormous sound. Their vocal abilities are... Read more