How to Housetrain Your Kitten
You’ve brought a kitten home, and although it’s super cute, it still needs help when it comes to house behavior. The sooner you teach your kitten to use the kitty litter and behave properly, the better and the easier your life together will be. All you need is some... Read more
6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Occupied and Happy Indoors
Cats are instinctive predators and lively beings that can’t really be confined to one place. Even though the cats that live indoors have a more comfortable and safer life, living so smoothly may lead to boredom and depression. But there are things you can do to help your indoor... Read more
Integrating Household Cats – A Detailed Guide
The successful integration of cats is not always simple. Many owners make the mistake of putting cats together with little or no consideration and planning. This can work if the cats are especially easy-going, but it can also result in a show of aggression and a stand-off that can... Read more
Vacation Care for Cats: Top Tips to Ensure Happy Felines at the Boarding Cattery
When cat-owners take vacations away from home there’s always the question of how the cats are going to be cared for. Should a friend or neighbor visit the property daily to attend to them? Could a family member live in the house? Or could the cats settle into a... Read more
Dumb Animals and Why Cats Don’t Take Anti-depressants
To have your life work, you’re told to follow the teachings of great men and women. If these don’t do it for you, there are always those little pills. But hold on; staring you straight in the face everyday is perhaps the wisest guru of them all; your cat.... Read more
Don’t Spit Fur – Easy Cat Hair Removal Techniques
Cat lovers know the pleasure they can receive from having a cat as a companion, and the calming effect that they bring.  This is not to say that cats don’t have their down-sides too.  They do, and one of the biggest is cat hair. Cat hair removal is an... Read more
12 Human Foods You Can Safely Feed Your Cat
Most cat owners have experienced that moment of panic on a Sunday night or a holiday when they’ve suddenly realized the cat food is all gone, and Fluffy is hungry. It’s so tempting to feed your cat whatever you’re eating, or some leftovers from the fridge. But be careful—some... Read more
Understanding Your Siamese Cat 
The distinctive-looking Siamese cat originated in Thailand, an Asian country that was once called “Siam.” The Siamese is an ancient breed that has been around for centuries and continues to be popular with cat lovers today. This breed is known for its communicative nature that makes them an interactive... Read more
The Best Age to Get Kittens
There’s no way around it: we love those adorable tufts of fluff, and the younger they are, the more adorable we find them. That cute little kitten, though, may not be ready to become your roommate. The ideal adoptable kitten is older than you may expect. The best place... Read more
Scratching: A Vital Means of Communication for Felines
Does your cat have a problem with scratching?  Has it ruined your leather sofa or ripped apart your living room carpet?  If so, it may be trying to communicate with you.  Scratching is often a vital means of communication for felines as opposed to a method of sharpening their... Read more