Why Do My Cats Fight With Each Other? 
So the “new kitty” has been with you for months – or even years – now. He’s not really the new kid in the house anymore, but the other cats still try to beat him up every chance they get. Hissing, spitting, clawing and chasing, they run the “new... Read more
Cat Bites – How to Avoid Them and What to Do if You Are Bitten
Most house cats are friendly and easy-going around people, so they aren’t very likely to bite. Indoor-outdoor cats encounter more dangers in their daily lives so they are more inclined to bite if upset or frightened. Stray cats with little close human contact are much more likely to bite... Read more
Caring for Your Pregnant Cat – The Do’s and Don’ts
Whether you plan to breed your own cats and attend cat shows or just let the kids experience the miracle of birth, dealing with a pregnant cat is a serious matter. Before you breed your cat, you need to make sure you have homes lined up for the kittens,... Read more
7 Hazards That Threaten Outdoor Cats
The debate about whether cats should be kept indoors 100 percent of the time or whether they should be allowed to spend some (or all) of their time outside has been raging through the cat-loving community for years. Regardless of your opinions on this controversial topic, however, it’s important... Read more
3 Ways To Ensure Your Cat Gets Enough Exercise
  Your cats need to keep a healthy weight just like you do, and for all of the same reasons.  According to the ASPCA, excess weight can increase a cat’s risk of diabetes, liver problems, and joint pain. Humans who spend all day at desk jobs need to make... Read more
8 Tips to Clip Your Cat’s Claws Without a Single Scratch
Your cat’s claws are an essential part of her existence. Cats’ protractile claws are what make them outstanding hunters, exceptional climbers and experts in personal defense. But besides for survival, cats also use their claws as social signaling tools and to leave messages to their friends where they gather.... Read more