5 Great Cat Breeds if You Live in an Apartment

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If you are a cat person and you would like to bring a kitty to live with you in your apartment, there are some... 5 Great Cat Breeds if You Live in an Apartment

If you are a cat person and you would like to bring a kitty to live with you in your apartment, there are some things you need to consider first. It is true that cats adapt easily to living indoors and they sometimes are better at coping with their humans’ busy lifestyles than dogs, mostly because they are more independent and somewhat self-sufficient. But not all cats can adjust to living in an apartment equally – some are better housemates than others. In order to help you choose the right cat breed to become your companion and furry friend, we have made a list of the best breeds for apartment dwellers. You will want to choose a cat that doesn’t need to run and exercise a lot in order to be happy. Your cat should be sociable and love your company, but it should also be able to handle being alone while you’re at work. And maybe most importantly, you don’t want your cat to be overly territorial – you need space as well, and you should rule the situation rather than your pet. So, here are the most apartment-friendly breeds that will get along with you just fine and adapt to living inside very quickly.

1. Persian

This cat breed is quite relaxed and affectionate towards its humans, and it is very well-behaved. It can learn to do its dirty business inside the litter box rather than anywhere else in your apartment very quickly and it has a lot of love to give to its human. However, if you choose this breed of cat, you should know that you need to give it attention when you’re at home if you want it to be happy. You’ll also need to groom it every day in order to prevent matting. Other than that, caring for this cat is pretty simple, and living with it can be pure joy.

2. Russian Blue


If you want a cat that is going to sleep in your lap and seek your attention all the time, this is not the breed for you. The Russian Blue is very independent, which makes it a perfect breed for single people or small families who are often outside of the house for several hours. This cat breed will find entertainment and probably won’t even miss you until you return- then it will give you all the affection in the world. These cats are very loyal to the person who they love the most (that is usually the person who feeds them), they love playing with simple things such as boxes while complicated toys bore them pretty quickly. The Russian Blue requires very little maintenance and is not overly active.

3. British Shorthair

This may be the most adaptable cat breed when it comes to living in an apartment. The British Shorthair doesn’t require much maintenance, and even if you have no previous experience with cats, you will easily find your way with this one. This breed is quiet and very friendly with its human. It will spend much of its time (when you’re at home) sitting or lying on your lap and cuddling up with you. This is a perfect type of cat if you want a lot of love and very little responsibilities.

4. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll became famous for its gentle and relaxed personality. This cat breed is not too demanding, but enjoys playing alone as well as with its humans. It also loves spending time lying on your lap while you’re petting it. If you’re looking for an easily adjustable cat that will be happy living indoors, you won’t go wrong with Ragdoll.

5. Javanese

This cat breed is very affectionate with its favorite human and loyalty is one of its best traits. If you are single or a senior and you want to get a cat because you need some love and attention, the Javanese would be a great choice for you. Even though this breed can stay alone in your apartment while you’re at work without making too much of a fuss, it does need you to dedicate your time and attention to it once you’re back, and unless you bond daily at least for 10-15 minutes it can become sad and lonely. On the other hand, if you’re enjoying your time together your cat will be truly happy.

These are the best cat breeds for an apartment. However, you could also adopt any cat breed from an animal shelter or the street. If you’re taking one from the street, you need to know that you’re going to have to teach it how to behave and help it develop a personality that will fit with your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about adopting a feline friend from a shelter, then you should look for an adult cat, cats that are three or more years old have fully developed personalities, which means that what you see is what you get. When you see an adult cat and spend some time with it, you can determine whether or not it would be a good companion for you.