6 Cat Breeds with Dog Characteristics

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If you have room for only one pet and you’re sad that you have to choose between a cat and a dog, you’ll be... 6 Cat Breeds with Dog Characteristics

If you have room for only one pet and you’re sad that you have to choose between a cat and a dog, you’ll be happy to read that you really don’t have to. No, we haven’t heard about someone mixing up the two species, this article is about nothing of that sort. Wouldn’t you like to have a gracious and low-maintenance pet such as a cat, but loyal and friendly like dogs? Lucky for all of us, there are such pets – they are cats with dog personalities. It looks like a cat, but it behaves like a dog. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes, they will like to play fetch, and cuddle up with you, and sleep on your feet, and sit on your lap, but they don’t need walks, they do their dirty business in their litter box and you don’t have to spend so much time exercising with them. Here are some of the cat breeds with dog characteristics that you may want to check out if you’ve been wondering what it would be like if you had such a pet.

1. Turkish Angora

This beautiful long haired cat is very intelligent and vocal, but loyal to its humans as a dog. These cats adore being around their people and being involved in everything you do. Turkish Angora loves to play a lot and can get naughty if it’s bored (as any other cat or dog), but if you give it your attention daily, it will be a happy and satisfied cat. Unlike many cats, and similarly to dogs, this cat breed can swim very well, isn’t afraid of the water and even likes to get into the water from time to time, but only when no one is forcing it. This cat’s fur is usually completely white and it looks like a royal type of cat, but it behaves more like a dog. This is a perfect breed if there are cat lovers and dog lovers in the same household.

2. Manx


This breed of cat enjoys spending time with its people and likes following them around everywhere they go (even to the toilet).  This is the perfect cat breed if you want a low-maintenance pet who likes playing fetch, understands you and likes your company. Yes, we said fetch, you read it right. Te Manx actually enjoys playing this game, and it can also be trained like a dog. Although it looks like a little grey tiger, it is very tame and dog-like.

3. Abyssinian

Unlike many cats and similarly to almost all dogs, this cat is very loyal, loves playing fetch and enjoys spending time in water and swimming. This beautiful cat breed also loves spending time with its people and following them around the house, or wherever they are. Just like dogs, this cat breed can be trained and can even get used to being taken out for walks on a leash. This cat is so similar to a dog that possibly the only thing that makes it a cat is its appearance. They also need more maintenance than other non-dog-like cats and can go through separation anxiety when it’s left alone for too long. If you want a dog in the body of a cat, this is the cat breed for you.

4. Burmese

This cat breed can be a great family pet if you have children. It is like a small dog in a body of a beautiful and sophisticated cat. These cats are very loyal and playful and it can easily be trained. Similarly to ‘other’ dogs, this cat can be taught proper ‘table’ manners (meaning that you can teach them to wait for their food and not bother you while you’re eating).

5. Maine Coon

This cat breed is one of the largest breeds that are kept as pets. They can grow very large in size and they can eat a lot, unlike many other cat breeds. This is a beautiful long-haired cat breed which loves its humans, playing and sleeping in your lap. These cats don’t like strangers and like dogs can become very vocal when they are afraid for their safety or the safety of their owners. They do require more maintenance than many other cat breeds, but if you take good care of this cat you will have a great companion by your side.

6. Birman

Birmans are hairless cats that many people consider unappealing and ugly, but they are very good companions and very loyal to their humans. They are very playful, but don’t tend to disturb their humans when they are resting or working. They are very gentle, similar to dogs, and get along very well with children, especially as they give these cats all the attention they yearn for. As they are hairless, they need very little maintenance, and if you give them your love and affection (as well as food and a place to feel comfortable in), you will have a great dog-like cat pet.