6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Occupied and Happy Indoors

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Cats are instinctive predators and lively beings that can’t really be confined to one place. Even though the cats that live indoors have a... 6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Occupied and Happy Indoors

Cats are instinctive predators and lively beings that can’t really be confined to one place. Even though the cats that live indoors have a more comfortable and safer life, living so smoothly may lead to boredom and depression. But there are things you can do to help your indoor kitty be happier and healthier.

1. Set up a “Playground”

It’s important that your cat has a special little place just for playing, and you don’t need much space or money to make it happen. It’s enough to devote one corner of a room and fill it up with fun playthings your kitten can find when she wants to play.

Your cat’s entertainment doesn’t have to cost much – just get a few toys such as balls or furry mice, or even add a plastic bag, roll of wool or a box. Your kitty will be entertained for hours. Scratching posts are also an excellent idea, and they are both useful and fun for your cat.

2. Make a Window Seat

If your cat can’t go outside, it doesn’t mean that it should completely be detached from the outside world. Cats will be delighted to spend hours watching what’s going on around them and you can help your little ball of fur with that.

A window seat is a simple DIY project and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to finish. But you can just as well buy one from the pet store if it’s too much trouble. If you’re willing to put a little more work, install a bird feeder outside your window and your cat will be hypnotized by the view.

3. Put on Some Music

This may surprise you, but cats respond to music more than you would think. Hearing some pleasant sounds can calm your cat down, especially while you’re away.


So consider putting a playlist on your computer or leaving your radio on while you’re at work. The type of music depends on your cat, but they generally respond best to classical music and jazz. Choose something soothing with soft tones and you will see how comforting it is for your little pet.

4. Two Cats Are Better Than One

It should go without saying that pets are the happiest when they have a friend of their own kind to keep them company. Well, if you have the possibility, consider getting another cat.

If your cat is a bit spoiled, this may not be so simple. Your cat will be used to your complete attention (and food) and may find it hard to adjust to the new resident in the house.

But soon, the two of them will start having a great time together and you will feel much better when leaving home because your cat won’t be alone anymore. And a fellow kitty is better than any toy, that’s for sure.

5. Arrange Snacks

If your cat is used to two meals a day, you may want to break that habit by dividing its daily portion of food into several smaller portions. Not only will your cat not eat too much at once, but it will also be fun for her to eat more times a day.

Moreover, you should get some snacks and treats for your cat when she deserves them, or you can get one of those food puzzles for cats, which is awesome in many ways. Not only will it keep your kitty occupied, it will also stimulate her and improve problem solving skills.

6. Spend Time Together

Keeping your cat happy doesn’t mean only making up a million things for her to do while you’re away or doing something else. It’s important that you spend time with her as well and play together at least twice a day. There are numerous games you can play together and they are not only stress-relieving for both of you, but also essential for strengthening the bond between you two.

How about taking a feather and fluttering it past and above your cat, or tying a mouse toy on a string and dragging it across your home so you can let your kitty chase you. Another fun thing for both of you would be blowing soap bubbles which your cat will be crazy about. Prepare for a ton of laughter as you watch her frantically run and jump around the room trying to catch them.