Cats – Clever Tips to Make Your Visits to the Vet Hassle-Free

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All cats need to be taken to the vet at least once a year for a regular annual check-up. In case you cat has... Cats – Clever Tips to Make Your Visits to the Vet Hassle-Free

All cats need to be taken to the vet at least once a year for a regular annual check-up. In case you cat has a health problem, you may have to take it there more often. But that is not always an easy task, as visits to the vet can be very stressful for your cat.

The first and the most important thing you need to do when taking your cat to the wet is placing it into a robust carrier. If you let your cat stay loose in the car, you may have some trouble getting it out of it, as it may cause you some trouble and try to escape from you. Somehow, cats sense when they are going to the vet, and they will try as hard as they can to avoid the visit. Make sure that the carrier is not too big for your cat, as in that case it can come to falling in it. Also, the best type of carrier is one that can be opened from the top, so you can gently take your cat out of it by lifting your feline friend. Once you are on the road, drive slowly and without any sudden moves or turns, in order to avoid your cat being thrown around the car.


Although your cat may be comfortable in the carrier, as it will know that the car drive will end at the veterinary hospital, it may become very vocal and cry for the entire trip. You can avoid this by covering the carrier with some kind of clot or a towel. It may sound strange, but being in the dark will calm your cat and the drive to the vet will be less troubling. The most important thing for keeping your cat calm is for you to stay calm, as cats pick up your energy and your stress will affect them as well.  Also, avoid loud noises, as they can stress out the cat.

When you arrive at the clinic, stay calm. Don’t rush and slowly take the carrier out. You should walk slowly with the carrier held carefully in your arms and avoid swinging the carrier, as it may make your cat nervous as well as nauseous.

Ideally, at home your cat sleeps in the carrier. That way the carrier smells familiar and your cat won’t be as alarmed when travelling in it, because the carrier isn’t only connected to unpleasant events, but provides comfort and a place to rest. Bringing a blanket your cat sleeps on at home and putting it inside the carrier will also bring to the cat’s comfort, as well as a piece of your clothing or a cloth that smells like you will.

If besides all these things your cat still hassles when visiting the vet, buy a calming synthetic cat scent from the vet and spray the carrier with it around 15 minutes before placing your cat inside it. Of course, try to find a vet clinic that has separate spaces for cats and dogs in the waiting room, because if your cat sees a dog it may become stressed out, and you don’t want that. Also, it might be smart to keep the carrier covered in the waiting room, so that your cat doesn’t have visual contact with other cats (animals), and doesn’t get upset. If your cat is still nervous in the waiting room, consider waiting in the car until the vet calls you to come in.

Visits to the vet are stressful for your cat, however hard you try to avoid it. However, the levels of stress can be significantly reduced if you show your cat lots of affection and give it a treat before heading out. Don’t give your cat a reason to think that you’re taking it to the vet because you don’t love it. Playing and cuddling with your cat will reduce your stress levels as well, and when your stress levels are low, the cat will be less nervous too.