Don’t Spit Fur – Easy Cat Hair Removal Techniques

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Cat lovers know the pleasure they can receive from having a cat as a companion, and the calming effect that they bring.  This is... Don’t Spit Fur – Easy Cat Hair Removal Techniques

Cat lovers know the pleasure they can receive from having a cat as a companion, and the calming effect that they bring.  This is not to say that cats don’t have their down-sides too.  They do, and one of the biggest is cat hair.

Cat hair removal is an ongoing task.  The time of year and the breed of your cat are just two of the influencing factors that can determine the amount of hair your cat will shed.  Removing the hair from upholstery, carpets and clothing is a necessary evil, and needs to be done on a regular basis.  This can often seem like a perpetual struggle.  Here are some methods you can apply to ensure your home stays cat hair free with the minimum of effort.

1. Rubber gloves

One of the easiest ways to remove cat hair from upholstery is by using a rubber glove.  These can be bought from any supermarket or general store and the cost is minimal.  Simply wet the glove slightly and shake off any excess water.  Then, gently brush the surface and you will find that the hair will gather into a ball which is then easily removed.  Be careful not to be too vigorous as the rubber can get rather hot and could split.

2. Sponges

Using the same method as mentioned above will work almost as well.  The only disadvantage could be that the sponge will start to disintegrate, which will leave you will bits of sponge as well as cat hair to remove.


3. Pet hair rollers

Nearly all pet stores will have pet hair rollers that are designed for this purpose.  These are small and relatively inexpensive, and consist of a hand-held roller that comes with a sticky, replaceable sheet.  To use, just peel off the protective non-sticky coating and roll over the area that has the cat hair.  These are best used on clothing as the sheets do not hold so much hair and you will exhaust your supply pretty quickly otherwise.  If you do not have a roller, try wrapping some sticky tape around your palm instead.  Parcel tape is ideal for this and is a very cost effective alternative.

4. Fabric conditioner

A major reason for cat hair attraction is static electricity.  The human body produces static electricity through motion, and static loves man-made fibres.  Your sofa, carpet and clothing will all hold static, and cat hair loves this.  Walking transfers static to a carpet and hairs cling to this, the same as they do for clothing.  Sofas usually contain synthetic material which will make them a magnet for cat hair.  To eliminate static, the simplest method is to mix a little fabric conditioner/softener with water, and put into a spray bottle.  Give your carpet a light spray and let it dry before you vacuum and the hair will be easily removed.  The same method can be used for your sofa.  A simple trick to reduce the amount of static on a sofa is to cover it with a throw made of natural fibre.  This has the added advantages of being easily removed for washing and reducing the wear and tear on the upholstery, which can extend your sofas life.  Using this method will also make everything smell nice and fresh.

One last technique for removing cat hair from clothing is to put them in a clothes dryer with a dryer sheet for about 5 minutes.  This will remove the static and the hair will end up in the filter.  This is an ideal quick fix for when you are going out and have no time for manual removal.

As you can see, these methods are easy to implement, inexpensive and very effective at maintaining a cat hair free home.