Grooming Tips for Your Persian

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As Persian cats have a glorious coat which looks prestigious and magnificent, many cat-lovers are tempted to have one. These cats are indeed beautiful... Grooming Tips for Your Persian

As Persian cats have a glorious coat which looks prestigious and magnificent, many cat-lovers are tempted to have one. These cats are indeed beautiful and can be great pets, but grooming their coat is not an easy task.

If you don’t attend to it for a few days, it stops being so wonderfully amazing and it starts knotting. That’s why, if you have a Persian, you need to groom it daily and keep its coat smooth and silky or you will go through a lot of trouble later.

1. How to remove mats?

If you didn’t know what mats are, they are tufts of hair tangled due to lack of maintenance or irregular brushing.

Besides looking unappealing, these mats can prevent the cat’s skin from breathing and lead to irritation, itching and finally skin infection. Regular grooming is the key to preventing this from happening. However, if it happens, use your fingers to untangle the hair first, because brushing can hurt your cat. Once you get the hairs loose enough, you can run the comb through the hair.

You can buy a comb at a local pet shop, but make sure you don’t get the nylon one, because it will electrify your cat’s coat.

In case the mats become too difficult to untangle, you may need to cut the cat’s hair. However, make sure you don’t cut much – you don’t want your Persian riddled with bold spots, do you?

To avoid injuring your cat, use round-tipped scissors. Your Persian may get scared, but you can make it feel better by giving it treats or distracting it with a toy. If you think you’re unable to do this yourself, you may want to take your cat to a salon, where it will be groomed professionally.


2. Giving your Persian a bath.

Keeping your cat clean is very important, and it needs to undergo regular bathing, which is the basis of grooming. The more often you bathe your cat, the easier it will get used to it, and the fewer problems you’ll have.

What you need to do is put your cat into a tub with pleasantly warm water (not too hot or too cold, because it will make the cat uncomfortable). You will need to hold your cat the whole time, because it will probably want to get out (or jump out) of the tub, and also watch out for their claws – they are bound to try to use them.

As cats and dogs have different skin from humans, you will need to use a shampoo produced for cats, or use one for children with a no tears formula (as they are far more gentle), and don’t leave it on for too long.

When it comes to the cat’s face, don’t wash it – just clean it gently with your wet hand. When you’re done, rinse thoroughly and dry your cat with a clean towel. If your cat’s hair is very long, you may need to use a hair dryer on low (but be prepared, your cat won’t like it).

3. Brushing your cat.

If you want your cat’s coat to be as beautiful as it can be, you will need to brush it daily. It is important to get your Persian used to this process as early as possible, in order to avoid resistance. You can use a wide-toothed comb to loosen the mats, snarls and knots, and then switch to a fine-toothed comb to make the coat silky and knot-free.

When brushing your Persian, remember to brush all the areas, because hair can get tangled anywhere. That means brushing its belly, armpits, back, and even around the ears. Of course, don’t forget the tail.

If you don’t avoid this, you’ll have a beautifully looking cat and no troubles maintaining its looks.

4. Taking care of your Persian’s eyes.

Persian cats commonly experience eye drainage, due to their flat shaped face and the pressure on their tear ducts. This can create problems for your cat, but there are some things you can do.

There are powders and cleansers that can help with this problem, and wiping your cat’s eyes daily is a plus. To do that, you can use a damp cotton ball and wipe under your cat’s eyes. If you decide to go for a powder, consult a veterinarian and ask for a recommendation.