Kitten therapy: the cutest therapy for stress

Cats November 26, 2015 Admin 0

When you’re stressed out because of something substantial such as lack of a job, or insufficient money to pay for your bills and food,... Kitten therapy: the cutest therapy for stress

When you’re stressed out because of something substantial such as lack of a job, or insufficient money to pay for your bills and food, an animal won’t help solve your problems. When you’re nervous about meeting someone new, going out of your comfort zone, etc, animals can help de-stress you, at least for a little while. Even if you have serious problems which will not be so easily solved, pets can help ease that stress for a while, at least for the time you spend with it.

Aren’t kittens the cutest little animals out there? Even if you don’t agree with this, you surely can’t deny that they are cute and cuddly. When people see a kitten, they instantly get the urge to pet it and hold it in their arms.

Kittens are small and adorable, as well as clumsy and playful. When they appear in the same room as you, it is almost impossible to stay in a bad mood, as they fill the room with positive energy. They have no worries- all they want to do is play, cuddle, eat and sleep, and they do all that in the cutest possible way. It’s like watching a good comedy- you can’t help yourself, you will smile and laugh. And all of a sudden, the stress is gone, and all you’re feeling is joy and excitement. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it you think so, you’ve probably not been in contact with kittens much.


SoulPancake had an experiment last year, in which people who were stressed out were lead into a glass-wall room where they were listening to guided meditation. And after a few minutes, a bunch of kittens were let into the room. There wasn’t a person who didn’t smile at the sight of the kittens, and who didn’t enjoy playing and cuddling with them. The stress seemed to have disappeared! One of the participants in this experiment said “You can’t be stressed out after sitting in a box full of kittens.” And that is the truth- there wasn’t a grumpy face in the room, and every single person was happy during the time they spent with these beautiful little creatures.

Some workplaces have their own pets, and while working at the office you can pet a kitten or a puppy from time to time. This is also a great way to relax a little and let the positive emotions fill your heart up. There are also some cafés where you share your chair with a cat, and where you can go for some quiet and relaxing time.

However, maybe the best thing, if you have the conditions, would be to adopt a kitten to be your own. If you already have one, you know how much your life has turned around since you brought that furry baby home. If you still don’t have a kitten, consider getting one and enriching your life with love and warmth. Kittens are very affectionate, and they will want to lie and sit in your lap all the time. Their purring and warmth have a calming effect on everyone who likes animals. There is simply no way you’ll be nervous all the time if you have a kitten (or an adult cat for that matter) to be by your side. Only watching it play lifts your mood up, and not to mention the petting and signs of affection.

Kitten therapy really works, and it is definitely better to play with a kitten to de-stress than to take antidepressants or engage in some dangerous activities.  So play with kittens and let your life become brighter.