7 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat, Too

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If you love your dog and you’ve done your research about the right foods to feed it with, you’ve probably seen that there are... 7 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat, Too

If you love your dog and you’ve done your research about the right foods to feed it with, you’ve probably seen that there are many human foods that dogs shouldn’t eat, as they lead to weight gain or make your dog sick.

However, there are some human foods that are harmless if given to your dog in moderation. These foods can make things interesting and introduce variety into your dog’s diet, but remember that any additions shouldn’t make up more than 25% of the calories your dog takes in per week.

These are some of the foods both you and your dog can enjoy.

1. Yogurt

If your dog is not lactose intolerant, yogurt can be a great food for it, especially during hot summer days. Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium – nutrients your dog, just like you, can benefit from. It also contains active bacteria which act as a probiotic which improves yours and your dog’s digestive system. When choosing a type of yogurt, make sure you buy one that doesn’t contain any artificial or any other kinds of sweeteners. Simple, plain yogurt is fine.

2. Cheese

Another great food for your dog if it’s not lactose intolerant (and most dogs aren’t) is cheese. Dogs love cheese, and it’s good that they do because cheese contains good amounts of protein and calcium. Just beware when giving your dog this food, as you don’t want your dear pet to gain weight, and some cheeses are very fatty. Also, you don’t want to feed your dog with lots of salt. So go for lighter and lower-in-sodium variants, such as cottage cheese.

3. Eggs


Eggs can be a very healthy snack for your dog, especially as they are rich in riboflavin and selenium. Besides, they contain almost no carbohydrates, and they are a good source of easily digestible protein. However, always cook or pan fry the eggs (in a non-stick pan and without oil, to avoid weight gain) before giving them to your dog, because raw eggs (particularly egg whites) can cause biotin deficiency and maybe even problems with digestion. Your dog will love cooked eggs, so you can use them as a treat when you’re exercising. Eggs are definitely healthier and more natural than any processed dog food.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber, which can especially be beneficial for older dogs that have a hard time with their bowel function. Dogs that are allergic to wheat can freely eat oatmeal, but without any added sugars. Don’t give fresh oatmeal to your dog, but cook it. However, before you introduce oatmeal into your dog’s regular diet, it would be best to consult a veterinarian, because in case your dog is taking some medications, nutrients from oatmeal could interfere with the effects.

5. Green Beans

Just like humans, dogs also need to take in vitamins, and what better way than through food. Dog food usually contains some vitamins, but it is always better to have them from natural sources.  Green beans are a good source of vitamins K and C, fiber and manganese. They are low in calories, so they could be a good replacement for dog food that provides similar nutritive benefits, but is higher in calories (in case your dog is overweight or putting on weight).

6. Salmon

Besides being rich in protein, salmon is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for humans as well as for dogs. These acids make your dogs coat shinier and healthier, and it also improves the immune system. Feeding your dog with salmon may be expensive, but if you’re eating it and you have leftovers, you can give them to your dog – it will be happy to accept it. Just remember to always cook it before giving it to your dog.

7. Boiled Chicken

Some dogs experience itching and diarrhea due to eating poultry, so before you give your dog large amounts, test how it handles it by giving it a very small portion. If your dog doesn’t have any problems with this type of meat, boiled chicken can be a very healthy, protein rich meal for it. You can give your dog your leftovers if the meat was only seasoned with salt and pepper.

WARNING: If you’ve added garlic or onion, better throw the meat away, because these ingredients can cause anemia in dogs.