8 Most Child-Friendly Dog Breeds

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When choosing a dog to become a part of your family, you should probably look deep and consider the dog’s disposition, size, energy level... 8 Most Child-Friendly Dog Breeds

When choosing a dog to become a part of your family, you should probably look deep and consider the dog’s disposition, size, energy level and temperament, and see whether these characteristics can fit into your family. Not all members of a dog breed are the same, and every dog can be different, which is why you should ask the breeder a lot of questions before bringing a puppy into your home.

There are, however, some breeds that are especially friendly towards children, and they are the following:

1. Bulldog

Bulldogs are very patient dogs and they will put up with a lot. This means so much if you have children, as impatient dogs may become aggressive and you don’t want that around your kids. Bulldogs are sturdy and they won’t be hurt if your children start throwing things at them. They are not very large, so they can live in an apartment or house of any size and, as long as their needs are taken care of, they will be satisfied, happy, and great with the kids. You never have to doubt a bulldog’s loyalty to its owner.

2. Bull Terrier

Even though they are thought to be aggressive, bull terriers are actually great family dogs who love children as well as adults. These dogs can handle high levels of pain, so children who don’t know how to treat dogs well will not be harmed (although, it would be highly desirable to teach your children how to behave with pets, as dogs have feelings too).

If you have energetic children and you love spending time in the great outdoors, the Bull Terrier is the perfect dog as it has lots of energy and it needs to exercise. You can let your children go to the park alone with this dog, as it will protect them from every threat.

3. Beagle

These dogs definitely require a lot of your time and energy as they need bathing, brushing, exercising and most importantly – a lot of your attention. However, they are great family companions and they love children. They are, as Cesar Millan says, child-proof, which means that your children can’t actually hurt it and they will usually get tired before the dog does. These dogs tend to watch over your children while they are sleeping, and even though they look small, cute and defenseless, they are actually very protective and capable to defend you and themselves.


4. Newfoundland

This breed naturally loves children and even its nickname is ‘Nature’s Nanny”. The Newfoundland is large in size, but it’s far from scary. This dog will constantly show its affection toward its family and watch over its ‘pack’. If you don’t mind the drooling and shedding, you will enjoy this dog’s company. If you get a puppy, your child and dog can grow up together and become best friends at a young age. When children learn how to properly treat animals at an early age, they usually develop more caring personalities and love towards animals, as well as appreciation for unconditional love.

5. Labrador Retriever

Everybody loves Labrador Retrievers and having such a beautiful and well-mannered dog is only a plus. These dogs have been proven to be great service dogs, and when it comes to families, this is one of the best breeds out there. These dogs enjoy learning tricks and entertaining children. They are very smart, loving and patient, they will enjoy playing with your children, but also be there to keep them safe when they go to bed.

6. Vizsla

Originating from Hungary as a hunting dog, Vizsla is certainly not just for that. In fact, this dog is loyal, loving and quiet. You don’t need to exercise it a lot, as it doesn’t have lots of excess energy to spend, but if you like being active, they won’t have a problem with that. These dogs adore children and love spending time with them outside. They are very likely to see children as their pack leader, and they are very clever, so you can even teach your children how to train these wonderful family companions.

7. The Collie

A very gentle and trainable breed, Collie is great for families. Even if you know nothing about dogs, you’ll have no difficulties with this dog. Collies are very attentive and are always affectionate towards children. They love to please their owners, and they can be very protective. However, since this breed was originally bred as a herding dog, it may show a tendency to herd your children. In that case you should discourage such activities and once the dog understands, you’ll have no trouble with its behavior.

7. Irish Setter

This breed is very affectionate and energetic and loves playing and cuddling with people. It enjoys playing with children very much and is careful around them. Its character is appropriate for children with lots of energy, as this dog requires lots of exercise. They love the outdoors, so having a yard where they can play would be ideal.