Clever Tips For Dealing With A Biting Dog

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Many dog owners go through that stage with their dog when it starts biting and it isn’t as friendly as it used to be.... Clever Tips For Dealing With A Biting Dog

Many dog owners go through that stage with their dog when it starts biting and it isn’t as friendly as it used to be. Sometimes a dog behaves in such a way as soon as it comes into its new home. There are some specific situations when it’s understandable for a dog to growl at you or try to bite, and it’s when you try to take away its food from its mouth or when it feels threatened if you’re standing behind it while it’s eating. Dogs can also become hostile if they are feeling scared or uncomfortable. At those moments, dog owners can feel scared and betrayed and lose their confidence in the dog’s affection. However, there are some useful tips for dealing with a biting dog.

A healthy dog is relaxed in all sorts of situations and is not inclined to be aggressive for the little things. Also, behaviorally healthy dogs don’t snap all at once. If they don’t like the way they are treated or they feel threatened, they will give warnings, starting with a gentle one and proceeding if necessary to a more serious one, increasing the intensity at each step if the previous one was ignored. This is more or less similar to how people behave. When sometimes goes on their nerves, they will warn you gently, and the more a person ignores their warnings, the more explicit they will be.

Some dogs tend to bite because they learned to play that way with their owners. However, when they grow older and bigger, that habit can become quite dangerous.

1. Teach your dog to be careful with its mouth


because it may not know that it could actually hurt you. If you’re playing and it bites you, act as if it hurts you and the dog will see that it needs to be gentler. You should also avoid games that promote aggression or biting.

2. Hand feeding can help

as it strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner and it can also help the dog learn to control its bites. If it bites too hard, you should shout OUCH and stop the feeding. In that case, you should also ignore the dog for a minute or two, so that it would understand that what it did was wrong. If the dog gently takes the food out of your hand, praises and petting are in order to award your furry friend for behaving nicely.

3. It’s best not to respond with confrontation when your dog growls and bites.

Dogs usually only become aggressive when they are under stress, and there can be one large source of stress, or several small ones during the entire day. If you punish your dog for growling, you’re basically telling it that it’s not okay to warn you that it is close to its limits. If it can’t warn you, it will probably snap at one point and bite uncontrollably, so let your dog give warning signs. Instead of confronting your dog right away and punishing it before you’ve calmed down, breathe and give yourself and your dog a chance to settle down and then try to identify the reason of such behavior. Also, if you try to hit your dog while it’s behaving aggressively, it might scratch or bite you. Use a simple sharp and short NO and redirect your dog to something positive, for instance playing with its toy.

If your dog starts to bite, it is sometimes because it wants to play and interact with you. But you don’t want to get bitten, so when this happens, stop paying attention to the dog. Stand up, fold your arms and avoid eye contact with your dog. Don’t talk to it. This way, your dog will learn that if it misbehaves (specifically bites), it will be denied affection and attention. On the other hand, when it’s gentle and well-behaved, you play with it, reward it with treats and attention.  If your dog is overexcited and it continues biting, you gently take it to a timeout area where it will have no interaction with anyone for some time. However, try to have your dog’s excitement levels under control so you wouldn’t have to put it in timeout, because that’s sad for you as well as your dog.