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Dachshunds are a beloved long-bodied dog breed in the United States who’s best known for their short legs and long floppy ears. Also known... Dachshunds

Dachshunds are a beloved long-bodied dog breed in the United States who’s best known for their short legs and long floppy ears. Also known as the “hotdog,” the Dachshund is one breed of dog whose temperament can vary greatly from one dog to another depending on how the owner raises them.

The breed however, is extremely smart and loves to dig, so beware if you let them run loose in your yard. They may very well dig under the fence and crawl out. They have been known to do this. They are sturdy despite their small sizes and use that lack of height to crawl under tight spaces while playing. They are active dogs and love running and playing but can also be raised in small apartments because of their size. The dog can get enough exercise daily in your home if played with properly. They grow only about 14 inches high and peak at a healthy weight of around 18 pounds. Beware of the treats however, as Dachshunds are known to suffer from weight gain problems.


Make sure they also keep entertained. High energy dogs such as the Dachshund can wreak havoc on your home if they become too bored. The dog owner may not realize that the dog isn’t getting enough walks and exercise and will blame the boredom on bad behavior which us unfair to the dog. Crate training for a Dachshund may be the only option when left alone because they may otherwise run around the house, become bored and destructive. When engaged they can be silly and playful. This dog is not ideal for those who have to spend a lot of time away from their dogs. Although it’s possible to makeup for that crated time while at work by being a dedicated owner to them, this breed is not suggested for those who cannot commit to them. Several other breeds are more independent and will do better with those who must be away from them for a long period of time everyday.

If properly trained to obey their owner however, which is possible through consistent praise for good behavior and condemnation for poor behaviors, they will become very loyal and loving towards you. As a result a Dachshund becomes a very brave companion who will stand up to any threat to defend its owner and themselves. This breed doesn’t adjust well with small children if brought into the home as a puppy.

A Dachshund comes in three coats. One type has a short coat that feels soft to the touch and should be maintained that way. The second coat this dog can have is a rougher wirehaired coat similar to a miniature schnauzer where the outer coat feels rough followed by a smooth under layer coat. The long-haired Dachshund is the last variety. It sheds a lot and needs constant grooming to avoid matting.