Five Breeds of Dog That Are Perfect for Your Family

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Dog breeds are known for exhibiting certain personality traits that are linked to their temperaments.  Some dogs are known to be great protectors, some... Five Breeds of Dog That Are Perfect for Your Family

Dog breeds are known for exhibiting certain personality traits that are linked to their temperaments.  Some dogs are known to be great protectors, some are excellent work dogs, some are great hunting breeds, and others are known for being great family pets.  Here are five breeds of dog that are perfect for your family.

1. Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are one of the best breeds of dog you can welcome into your family.  They are known for their intelligence, easy-going personalities, tireless devotion, compliance, and ease of training.  Golden retrievers are excellent with children as they are extremely tolerant of being poked and prodded.  They exhibit few aggressive tendencies and seek above all else to simply be loved and included.  While golden retrievers are not known as a particularly energetic breed, they do require regular exercise as they were originally bred as a retrieving dog for hunters.  If they don’t get enough exercise, they can begin to exhibit behavioral problems.  For active families with small, energetic children, a golden retriever is the perfect addition.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re looking for a family dog that is also large enough to serve as a good guard dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog may be the breed for you.  Bernese Mountain Dogs, similarly to golden retrievers, are known for their docility, friendliness, and compliance.  They are bred with these traits in mind.  Some Bernese can grow to be rather large, as males can weigh up to 110 pounds, and this size can make for an intimidating guard dog, despite their gentle natures.  Originally used as working dogs, Bernese can have copious amounts of energy and should be exercised regularly.


3. Great Dane

Another large breed of dog known for their easy integration into families is the Great Dane.  Despite the fact that Great Danes can weigh as much as 200 pounds and look rather intimidating, they are very friendly and intrinsically concerned with sharing affectionate bonds with people.  Exposure to children and strangers while they are still puppies is an integral part of their fitting smoothly into a family structure.  If trained properly, they do much to earn the title of “gentle giant” and “the world’s biggest lapdog.”  Their intimidating size also makes them one of the most effective guard dogs.

4. Beagle

The fourth great type of family dog is the beagle.  While beagles are better known for their great sense of smell and unique bark, they also exhibit some of the traits of great family dogs.  Beagles have an even temperament and are gentle, making them the perfect dog to have around small children.  Of all the breeds on this list, beagles tend most towards being pack animals and can become agitated by periods of separation from their human counterparts.  While not considered a particularly adept guard dog because of their inherent friendliness, beagles can be relied upon in this capacity because of the loud baying sound they make when they are excited by an encounter with a stranger.

5. Labrador Retriever

No list of great family dogs is complete without mentioning the Labrador Retriever.  Known for their obedience, devotion, and docility, labs are easy to incorporate into your family.  They are great with children and other pets.  While labs are content to remain indoors, they are most happy when they have a healthy mix of activity in their daily lives.  They can quickly go from lounging around indoors to sprinting full-speed across a marshy field.  Their versatility makes them great for families who enjoy not only an active lifestyle but also lounging around.

Most dogs are pack animals and can experience some form of separation anxiety if their owners are gone for any duration of time.  Because of this, any family looking to add a dog to their lives may want to consider getting more than one dog.  The breeds listed herein get along well not only with people but also with other dogs, so any of these five would make welcome additions to your family.