How To Keep Your Pet Happy While You’re Away

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Keeping your pet happy while you are away from your home is easier than you might think. Since any change in your pet’s routine... How To Keep Your Pet Happy While You’re Away

Keeping your pet happy while you are away from your home is easier than you might think. Since any change in your pet’s routine is likely to create stress for your pet, it’s a good idea to make an effort to find ways to keep your cat, dog, or other type of pet as happy and healthy as possible while you are gone. Here are some of the best tips for preventing your pet from becoming lonely or sad while you are gone for the day or night.

1. Give Your Pet Attention before You Leave Home

Giving your pet some extra attention before you leave for the day is a great way to show that you care. What you do with your furry friend depends on the type of pet that you have. Consider taking longer walks in the morning or playing for 10 to 15 minutes before you leave. As an added benefit, your pet might burn up some of that excess energy that keeps him watching for your return home.

2. Set a Timer Up to Your Radio or Stereo

If you listen to music around your pet, he probably associates it with your presence. While he’ll know that you aren’t really there, the music should soothe and comfort him. Set the timer for the radio for the time that you would normally arrive home for the rest of the night or for the time when your pet usually retires if you are going to be away overnight. Otherwise, you can set it for any hour that you choose. Playing the kind of music that you or your pet enjoy listening to can help your pet to self-soothe, remain calm, and feel. If your pet likes to wander, you can set up several radios in different rooms, timing them so that they turn on at different times.

3. Set Up a Play Zone


If your pet enjoys playing, make sure that you provide a variety of toys to keep him entertained. Put out different toys each day to keep the play zone interesting. You might also want to consider setting up the play zone near a window so that your pet can watch the outside world for entertainment.

4. Find a Way to Stick to Your Pet’s Feeding Routine

If you are going to be away from home for longer than usual, try to find a friend or neighbor who can stop by to feed your pet at the normal feeding time. Sticking to routines helps to keep pets healthy and content, which are two important aspects needed to avoid the feeling of depression.

5. Try a Pet Day Car

If you are planning an extended vacation that is going to keep you away for more than a couple of days, you might want to consider the benefits of acclimating your pet to a day care environment. Even if you are only taking your pets to a day care for a couple of hours a day, it will make it easier in the event that you need to take them to a kennel while you’re away.

6. Invest in an Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are worried about needing to go away for a couple of days, your first option is to find someone who is willing to come over and feed your pet. Your next choice is to invest in a timed food dispenser that automatically provides food using a built-in timer and feeder mechanism.

7. Food Puzzles

Unless your pet is overweight, you might want to invest in a couple of food puzzles. Typically, this type of puzzle only releases a snack once your pet figures out the trick that makes it work. The positive reward that your pet obtains keeps him playing with the puzzle for minutes at a time. Not only will this keep your dog, cat, hamster, or gerbil happily entertained, but it stimulates the brain and muscles, promoting good health. If you happen to be creative, you might want to try your hand at making a food puzzle of your own using whatever you have handy.

8. Stop by for Lunch

If you are fortunate enough to work nearby, you can always return home at lunchtime and spend some time with your pet. This doesn’t have to be a daily activity. Coming home on days that you’ll be arriving later than usual can ease the wait and avoid making your pet unhappy or depressed.

9. Basic Tips for a Happy, Healthy Pet

Promoting the health and happiness of your pet involves 3 simple things: feeding your pet properly, spending time with your pet, and keeping your pet entertained in your absence. If you want to make sure that your pet is happy and content, pay attention to these three tasks.