How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

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If you’re a new dog owner, you may wonder why your dog exhibits odd behavioral patterns such as excessive barking. Experienced dog owners are... How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

If you’re a new dog owner, you may wonder why your dog exhibits odd behavioral patterns such as excessive barking. Experienced dog owners are more familiar with this issue and will use techniques to rectify the situation. As a new dog owner, understanding common behavioral problems with your dog will help you to find the right solutions.

A dog’s bark is a normal way to communicate with their owners. Trained dogs bark to scare intruders from your home, they bark if they are feeling playful, anxious, to communicate with other animals, and to seek attention. However, when the barking is excessive, this becomes problematic for you as well as the neighbors. Avoid yelling at the dog to stop barking because this encourages him to continue. The following are researched training techniques to make your dog stop barking.

1. Why Is The Dog Barking?

The first step to make your dog quiet is to investigate the reason for this behavior. Is he playful? Does he want your attention? When you’ve made your discovery, you have a better chance to reduce potential causes for the behavior. Be certain to monitor the different types of barking, so that you are able to find a solution for each of them.

2. Environmental Response


A dog’s bark can be triggered from environmental noise. Some of these may consist of the ringing of the doorbell, machines, people shouting or passing by, and other noises. The best method for this type of barking is to move the dog away from the source of the triggers. For example, if the dog is outside barking from the sound of cars, bring him inside where it is more quiet.

3. Confined Space Bark

Dogs bark excessively when they are in confined spaces. In this situation, the dog may exhibit feelings of separation anxiety. You amend this problem by making sure the dog gets his daily exercise by walking him to the park, playing fetch with a disc, and other basic activities.

4. Attention Seeking Barking

If the attention bark is not controlled, it will become habitual for the dog. According to professional dog trainers, when the dog is barking for attention, it is best to ignore the bark until he calms down. When the dog does not get the attention he seeks, the barking will eventually stop.

5. Barking Out Of Boredom

Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time will start to bark from boredom. An effective way to combat boredom is to schedule fun activities to play with your pet. When you are not at home, keep him entertained with fun toys that hold his interest.

Training your dog to socialize with other dogs is a technique that also works to relieve his boredom. The dog benefits from playing and makes him friendly.

6. The Quiet Command

With this technique, you are training the dog to stop barking, and when to bark. By staying calm, command your dog to quiet down once he starts barking, or if the barking is extreme. Reward the dog if he obeys the command.

Instead of using unethical surgical procedures to reduce a dog’s excessive barking, focus on eliminating the sources that cause the behavior. Behavioral training helps to prevent a dog from barking at every noise. Once you apply these basic methods, you should get better results.