Should You Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed? 

Dogs October 27, 2015 Admin 0

The answer is simple – it’s up to you. But before letting your dog share the bed with you or your children, there are... Should You Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed? 

The answer is simple – it’s up to you. But before letting your dog share the bed with you or your children, there are several things worth considering.

Research has shown that in the U.S. around 50% of dogs sleep with their owners. And if your dog is not causing any trouble for you during the night, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by allowing him to stay in your bed. It is perfectly normal and sometimes even reassuring to fall asleep with a feeling of your pet guarding you while you sleep.

But, there can be a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog keep you company in bed or why you should ban him or her from the bed.

First of all, you have to consider your health and in no way should you threaten your health in order to please your dog. We are talking, in the first place, about ALLERGIES. If you are allergic to dogs but you still have one, you should really take some time off and let your body recover during the night. If you still want to keep your dog on the bed, or in the same room as you, you can take allergy shots to build up immunity to the allergens.


Secondly – your SLEEP SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY. The dog mustn’t disturb you during the night. A lot of dogs tend to be restless, barking scratching and licking themselves, trying to snuggle with you. All of these things will disrupt your sleep and you shouldn’t let it happen. Your first call shouldn’t be evicting your dog straight out of bed as you can try to control this type of behavior. As long as it’s not aggressive, this behavior can and should be handled. Your dog may also have the tendency to jump on and off the bed and even get itself in danger by biting electric cables and such. Take this problem very seriously, and try to manage your dog’s behavior for its own good.

Another important thing is INTIMACY. If you’re married or live with your significant other, a dog should never obstruct the intimacy. A dog sleeping in your bed is okay, but a dog sleeping between you and your partner is out of the option. Moreover, if your dog is being aggressive towards your partner, which has been the case with many dogs, it is definitely not a good sign and you should consider banning him from the bed. Sex is another thing you should have in mind when deciding whether to let a dog sleep with you. Some couples don’t mind having a dog next to them during sex, some consider it inappropriate and awkward and make sure the dog is out of the room. Whatever you decide, make sure the decision sits well with both sides. Having a dog in the room or on the bed without your partner’s consent while you’re being intimate is a big no-no.

And finally, the most important thing to consider in this situation is the DOG’S BEHAVIOR. You can imagine how this can be a problem in many ways. Many dog specialists claim that dogs sleeping in the same bed with their owners tend to feel on the same level with them and their behavior can significantly change for the worse. Feeling this power may seriously affect your authority over the dog which can lead to serious and even dangerous consequences. If you notice this kind of behavior in your dog, you should revoke his privileges until you see an improvement in his/her behavior.

Most dogs just want that level of intimacy with their owner and even with no communication they feel the connection with you by sleeping close to you. So, you shouldn’t feel bad about allowing your dog on the bed, as long as it doesn’t have negative effects on you or your beloved pet.