Staying Fit with Your Pet – 8 Great Exercises to Keep You Both in Shape

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Just like people need exercise to be healthy and look good, dogs need it too. And the best thing about it is that you... Staying Fit with Your Pet – 8 Great Exercises to Keep You Both in Shape

Just like people need exercise to be healthy and look good, dogs need it too. And the best thing about it is that you can actually keep fit together. Your work-out session will never be the same again and you will know you did something positive both for you and your beloved pet. Here are some ways to train with your pet.

1. Jogging

It’s the same as you would do it alone, only bring your pet or pets along. And if you don’t normally like to jog and don’t usually do it, having your dog as company can improve your opinion about it. Your evening jog will suddenly become more interesting and motivating and it’s the best and simplest cardio you can get. And you can always spice it up by a game of chasing each other.

2. Do some sport

Who says you need a group of people for a friendly game of soccer? Your dog can serve as an excellent replacement if you’re in the mood for games that include a ball. It’s a best to use a ball that’s not too expensive because it’s likely your dog will take the game a bit more seriously and deflate the ball. Kick the ball around in your backyard and make your dog chase you. Soon enough, the roles will be reversed and you’ll see that this game can be quite fun.

3. Agility training


Agility training doesn’t only have to be for show dogs. It can also be an excellent way to keep your furry friend fit and stay fit together with him or her. If you sign your dog up for an agility training course, you will both get your hearts racing jumping and running through obstacles such as dogwalk, tunnel, weave pole and others. But you can just as well make your own agility training station in your backyard with materials from your local hardware store.

4. Tug of war

Popular games for dogs are also a great exercise for our canine friends but they can get us tired as well. Playing tug of war will not exactly pump your muscles, but it’s excellent for your pet and a great way of bonding between you two. So get yourself a rope for this game and we guarantee that both your dog and you will utterly enjoy teasing each other this way.

5. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit and you’re in luck if your pet has a love for water and swimming. Not only is it a great form of exercise that benefits both you and your dog, it is also perfect for older dogs that have arthritic joints. You can also help relieve your dog’s pain in shallow water where you can easily get him out if he panics. If you want to make things more interesting, you can always add playing fetch to your swimming games.

6. Doga

Dog yoga, or doga is 100% real and it’s becoming more and more popular. So if you’re fan of yoga, you can now bring your little pet to keep you company and do some stress relief exercises just like you. This type of yoga incorporates dogs into the exercises even using them as weights and other props. If something like this sounds awesome and by no means crazy to you, why not?

7. Surfing

It may sound a little far-fetched but some dogs are actually pretty good at keeping their balance and surfing. Surfing is also an excellent way of conditioning the body and improving balance, not just for people but for dogs also. So hop on your surf board end bring your furry BFFs with you, chances are they’ll love it.

8. Bike riding

No, we don’t mean teaching your dog how to ride a bike, that would be a bit too much. However, you riding a bike with your dog on a leash next to you is a great idea for a work out. Be careful to keep yourself and your dog safe and choose appropriate roads for this activity and make sure that your dog can keep up with you. Exercise is great, but don’t force your dog beyond his or her limits.