6 Gorgeous Tropical Fish to Liven up Your Aquarium

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Having an aquarium can brighten any house. If you’re just starting out with your tank, a freshwater tropical fish collection is your best bet.... 6 Gorgeous Tropical Fish to Liven up Your Aquarium

Having an aquarium can brighten any house. If you’re just starting out with your tank, a freshwater tropical fish collection is your best bet. There are various tropical fishes you can buy from your store but here are six gorgeous ones that can instantly liven your aquarium.

1. Red Cap Oranda

One of the commonly known “goldfish” variety is the Red Cap Oranda. They are originally from Japan and China but are now available around the world. What makes the Red Cap Oranda beautiful in any aquarium is its iridescent white body and bright red or orange cap-like growth that covers its head. This beautiful type of tropical fish has delicate, flowing fins and extra long, flowing double caudal fin that can grow one and a half times longer than its body length. Watching them swim in your tank can be a relaxing sight.

2. Red and White Ryukin

Another type of goldfish that will brighten your tank is the red and white ryukin. Ryukins are short deep-bodied fancy goldfishes known for their hump in the shoulder region. Despite the Japanese name, the ryukin is Chinese in origin. It got its name when it arrived in Japan through the Ryukyu Island. It can also be called Japanese ribbontail, the fringetail, the fantail, or the veiltail. To liven your tank, go for the red and white ryukin or blue. Take note that this type of fish tends to be territorial against smaller fishes.

3. Crown Tail Betta


In general, bettas are popular among fish collectors. If you’re looking for something to be an eye-catcher in your house, then get yourself a crowntail betta. The crowntail got its name for its unique tail fin design of spiky tails and fins. The long, flowing tails is a marvel to watch as they swim around in the tank with their vibrant colors like deep blues and dark reds. If you’re going for blue bettas, you can choose between steel blue, royal blue, and turquoise. Male crowntails can come in pastel tones or metallic hues. Make sure you house only one male in a tank.

4. Fire Eel

An eel may not be the first thing in your mind for your tank but the fire eel can change your mind. Do not worry as the fire eel is not really an eel but an elongated fish with a pointed snout.The fire eel originally came from floods and streams in India, Borneo, Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand, and Myanmar. Before considering the fire eel, check your tank if it will be big enough. Optimal tank conditions will make the fire eel’s colors shine. Enjoy as you watch its dark black or brown body with vivid horizontal red stripes swim around your tank. The fire eel can live together with medium or large fishes. Avoid placing small fishes as they may be considered prey or another fire eel as they will not get along.

5. Pictus Catfish

Not everyone is a fan of the catfish but the Pictus Catfish can make your tank stand out. This tropical fish is a member of the antenna catfish group. You can easily spot it with its pale to gray body with a black spotted pattern. They are generally peaceful fishes except if placed with smaller fishes that can fit in their mouth. The Pictus Catfish is a native in the rivers and streams of Peru, Columbia and Venezuela. Catfishes are known for their whiskers. This type of catfish has extremely long whiskers that can sometimes grow as long as its own body.

6. Gold Nugget Pleco

Another catfish that is popular among aquarium owners is the Gold Nugget Pleco. The name is short for “Gold Nugget Plecostomus” that was first captured and exported to Great Britain back in 1981. You can easily spot a Gold Nugget Pleco with its black body and bright yellow spots. They are classified in trade based on their dot size – some have small dots, while others have medium or large dots. This tropical fish is considered as a bottom dweller as they usually hang out on the bottom of the tank. They make great companions for tetras and goldfishes that swim in the upper parts of the aquarium.

Any of these fishes can instantly liven up your aquarium with their colors and unique features. Do not forget to take note of their dietary needs and living conditions to ensure they brighten your tank for years. A bright, lively aquarium can make any home a better place.