Your Goldfish and You – 5 Tips to Keep Your Little Buddies Happy

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One of the most popular pets during childhood would be the goldfish. When watching cartoons or movies you’ll often see them in a child’s... Your Goldfish and You – 5 Tips to Keep Your Little Buddies Happy

One of the most popular pets during childhood would be the goldfish. When watching cartoons or movies you’ll often see them in a child’s bedroom. These shows portray how easy it is to take care of a goldfish. While there may be some truth in that, they are not as easy to take care of as you would think.

They may always seem happy, just swimming around and hiding in their castle, but how can you tell? Here are some important tips to keep your little buddy happy.

1. Check the appearance.

Not all goldfish are orange in color but you can still check if their scales appear shiny. A shiny goldfish is a happy goldfish just like bright skin indicates a healthy body. Observe your goldfish to see if he is constantly swimming. If you see him floating, bobbing or even sinking then it’s time for a check-up. Fins held tightly against the body can also indicate sickness.

2. Maintain its home.

One primary key to your goldfish’s happiness is a well-maintained and decorated aquarium. Minor cleaning of the aquarium, such as vacuuming the gravel or rinsing the filter, should be done once in every week or two. Cleaning the gravel regularly will remove any uneaten food and disposed waste that can lead to bacterial growth.


Before purchasing a goldfish, you must make sure that you get the right tank size otherwise your fish will be stressed most of the time. The appropriate starting size would be 10 gallons but remember they can grow fast overnight. Never place your goldfish in a small bowl as it will lack oxygen. The tank must be located in a place where there are no loud noises or blinking lights as goldfishes can be sensitive to these things.

3. Feed the fish with more than just fish flakes.

You may think that high-quality fish flakes or pellets are enough to make your fish happy. However, feeding your goldfish a varied diet is recommended. Do not be afraid to give him some peas, carrots, grapes, spinach and tomatoes once in awhile.

You can also go to the pet store to buy some daphnia, bloodworms, and brine shrimp as a special meal. Just make sure you avoid overfeeding him – once a day is good enough. If your fish is just floating around, then that’s a bloated goldfish.

4. Bring a friend.

If you have a big tank, you can actually care for more than one goldfish. Just avoid mixing them with tropicals or other types of fish as other species tend to be more aggressive and territorial. This can lead to the bigger fishes stealing their food or biting their fins off.

Placing new buddies in the tank must be done properly. When you get home with your new pet, float the plastic bag in the aquarium for at least half an hour. The water in the bag and the one in the aquarium must be of the same temperature, and when it roughly is you can gently tilt the bag to let the new fish swim into his new home.

5. Keep it entertained.

The aquarium is your goldfish’s playground. Have you ever visited a house with no furniture or decorations? Your aquarium must be filled with pebbles and decorations that can keep your little buddy entertained. You can include a mirror and some rocks.

Purchase your decorations from the pet store to avoid harmful chemicals that can kill your fish. A general rule for your tank is ¾ open water, ¼ decorations. You can even rearrange decorations during your regular water change to create a whole new playground for your pet. Just avoid stacking up rocks that can fall on your goldfish.

Goldfish are a wonderful addition to your home and you and your little buddy can stay happy by following these tips. Isn’t it relaxing to come home to your happy and healthy goldfish after a long day’s work?