Should You Allow Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed? 
The answer is simple – it’s up to you. But before letting your dog share the bed with you or your children, there are several things worth considering. Research has shown that in the U.S. around 50% of dogs sleep with their owners. And if your dog is not... Read more
Why Yelling at Your Dog Won’t Make Him Stop Barking
It’s perfectly normal for dogs to bark. They do this when they get excited, angry, happy, frustrated, and as a way of letting you know when they want something. It’s how dogs communicate. If you want your dog to stop barking entirely, then you probably aren’t going to win.... Read more
How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking
If you’re a new dog owner, you may wonder why your dog exhibits odd behavioral patterns such as excessive barking. Experienced dog owners are more familiar with this issue and will use techniques to rectify the situation. As a new dog owner, understanding common behavioral problems with your dog... Read more
Bark Control Collars: Helpful or Inhumane?
Barking is a normal part of every dog’s behavior. They bark to communicate with each other and with us. They bark to tell us that someone’s at the door, when they are hungry or bored, and they bark at their buddies in the dog run as they play. Barking... Read more