Top 15 Most Popular Cat Breeds 
When choosing our new feline friends, we all have some preferences based on certain criteria. Many people choose only based on the appearance but different cat breeds actually have lots of different traits that make them more or less suitable for your lifestyle. For example, high-energy cats will require... Read more
Importance of Socializing Your Cat
If you think that getting a cat would spare you the patience and energy you would need for socializing a dog, for example, you are wrong. Kittens require just as much socialization as dogs if you want them to grow up into happy and healthy pets that get along... Read more
6 Cat Breeds with Dog Characteristics
If you have room for only one pet and you’re sad that you have to choose between a cat and a dog, you’ll be happy to read that you really don’t have to. No, we haven’t heard about someone mixing up the two species, this article is about nothing... Read more
Tips for Traveling with Your Cat by Car
If you’re moving or going on a trip and you’re planning to take your cat with you, there are some things you should know first. Of course, if you’re going on a short trip and you’re going to come back, it would be wiser to leave your cat at... Read more