Top 15 Most Popular Cat Breeds 
When choosing our new feline friends, we all have some preferences based on certain criteria. Many people choose only based on the appearance but different cat breeds actually have lots of different traits that make them more or less suitable for your lifestyle. For example, high-energy cats will require... Read more
Importance of Socializing Your Cat
If you think that getting a cat would spare you the patience and energy you would need for socializing a dog, for example, you are wrong. Kittens require just as much socialization as dogs if you want them to grow up into happy and healthy pets that get along... Read more
6 Cat Breeds with Dog Characteristics
If you have room for only one pet and you’re sad that you have to choose between a cat and a dog, you’ll be happy to read that you really don’t have to. No, we haven’t heard about someone mixing up the two species, this article is about nothing... Read more
Tips to Help Your Cat and Dog Live Together and Get Along
If you already have a cat and now you would like to add a dog to your family, you may have to go through some complications before your cat and dog learn how to live in the same space together without constantly fighting. You certainly cannot force them to... Read more
8 Signs that Your Cat Might Be in Pain
  Unfortunately, cats can be very good at hiding their pain. So it may be difficult to spot they are suffering. If the reason for your cat’s pain isn’t obvious like a limp or a cut, your furry friend may suffer for weeks before you even notice it and... Read more
How to Fight Obesity in Pets

How to Fight Obesity in Pets

Cats December 18, 2015 0

According to a recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity, 57.9% of cats and 52.7% of dogs are overweight or obese. As you can imagine, obesity can lead to serious diseases and it shortens your pet’s life. The fact is that we as owners are entirely at fault... Read more
Kitten therapy: the cutest therapy for stress
When you’re stressed out because of something substantial such as lack of a job, or insufficient money to pay for your bills and food, an animal won’t help solve your problems. When you’re nervous about meeting someone new, going out of your comfort zone, etc, animals can help de-stress... Read more
Grooming Tips for Your Persian
As Persian cats have a glorious coat which looks prestigious and magnificent, many cat-lovers are tempted to have one. These cats are indeed beautiful and can be great pets, but grooming their coat is not an easy task. If you don’t attend to it for a few days, it... Read more
Cat-Scratch Fever! 6 Effective Ways to Stop Your Cat from Ruining Furniture
Having a pet cat can brighten a home, but pet owners must remember that it is normal for cats to claw on furniture and other household furnishings. This can be destructive for you, but completely natural behavior for your pet. You may think of resorting to declawing your cat... Read more
6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Occupied and Happy Indoors
Cats are instinctive predators and lively beings that can’t really be confined to one place. Even though the cats that live indoors have a more comfortable and safer life, living so smoothly may lead to boredom and depression. But there are things you can do to help your indoor... Read more