15 Least Shedding Cat Breeds
Having a cat means having a companion who will follow you around and keep you company whatever you do in your home. It can bring you true joy and you are never really alone when you have a loving and playful cat around you. However, cats tend to shed... Read more
12 Cat Breeds that Get Along Well with Dogs
Getting the right cat for you can be a really challenging task. Even though adorable, cats can be a little moody and asocial which can make it hard for them to fit inside your household. But it’s even more difficult to choose a cat that would get along with... Read more
10 Largest Cat Breeds

10 Largest Cat Breeds

Cats April 8, 2016 0

Cats come in different sizes, colors, patterns and personalities and we love all of our feline friends. But did you know that some cats can grow to the size of a mid-size dog? Considering our domestic cats have descended from African wild cats, this is not so surprising. So,... Read more
11 Most Exotic Cats

11 Most Exotic Cats

Cats April 7, 2016 0

Whether you are looking for a new feline companion, or just enjoy learning new and interesting facts about our amazing four-legged furry friends, it is fair to guess you would like to find out more about the unusual cat breeds in the world. That is the reason why we... Read more
10 Tiniest Cat Breeds

10 Tiniest Cat Breeds

Cats April 4, 2016 0

Is there anything cuter than a tinny kitten? Maybe there is – an adult tiny cat. Small cat breeds are very interesting to see and keep as pets. Until recently, all the cats that were kept as pets were around the same size – a regular cat size. But... Read more
Integrating Household Cats – A Detailed Guide
The successful integration of cats is not always simple. Many owners make the mistake of putting cats together with little or no consideration and planning. This can work if the cats are especially easy-going, but it can also result in a show of aggression and a stand-off that can... Read more
The Best Age to Get Kittens
There’s no way around it: we love those adorable tufts of fluff, and the younger they are, the more adorable we find them. That cute little kitten, though, may not be ready to become your roommate. The ideal adoptable kitten is older than you may expect. The best place... Read more
Scratching: A Vital Means of Communication for Felines
Does your cat have a problem with scratching?  Has it ruined your leather sofa or ripped apart your living room carpet?  If so, it may be trying to communicate with you.  Scratching is often a vital means of communication for felines as opposed to a method of sharpening their... Read more
Don’t Let Feline Scratching Become a Catastrophe 
Every cat owner knows the routine – your cat comes into the room, rubs his or her cheek against the door frame, and then proceeds to shred the carpet, hardwood flooring or the arm of the sofa before happily curling into a ball of fluff. You’ve just witnessed the... Read more
How to Stop Your Cat From Catching Mice and Birds
As soon as winter passes into spring, cats the world over stretch, yawn, and ready themselves to begin hunting. Although catching mice, birds, and reptiles is a natural activity for cats, their human owners don’t usually appreciate their efforts, especially when their prey is dragged in through the cat... Read more